Lacona has an incredible integration with Soulver, allowing you to perform tons of natural-language calculations. This integration got even better with the latest release (2.3.1).

Unlike other integrations, Lacona can use all of Soulver’s powerful functionality even if you don’t have Soulver installed, and it doesn’t require a Lacona Pro subscription.

Of course, Lacona is great at quick calculations, but it goes way beyond that. I wanted to show off some of my coolest real-life calculations from the past few weeks, to demonstrate how powerful and useful this can be.

My wife and were daydreaming about moving farther out from Boston, since we’re both working from home. Mortgage calculations are always a huge pain, but Lacona simplifies them dramatically.

monthly repayment on $312000 over 30 years at 3.75% + 175 hoa fees

I needed to schedule a meeting with a colleague in Zürich near the end of their work day. It’s usually a 6-hour time difference, but I knew the date was near daylight savings, so I double-checked with Lacona.

boston oct 28 11:30am in zurich

I’m planning to travel to China as soon as possible, so I was pricing out flights. I was looking at buying tickets from two separate airlines, which means the return flights were priced in Yuan. This makes the calculating the total price really complicated, but Lacona makes it simple again.

4,692 cny + $820

I recently found a video of someone riding 300 miles on a Onewheel and I wondered how long it must have taken. I found the device’s top speed on another page, but it was listed in km/h. I started doing the math in my head, but then remembered that Lacona could handle it for me.

300mi at 25km/h

This is just a small picture of what’s possible with this great, completely free integration. You can read the full list of what’s possible at the Soulver Docs.