What is Lacona Pro?

Lacona Pro unlocks new features, including integrations with great 3rd-party Mac apps. It is available for a small subscription.

Pro features are enabled automatically with Lacona is used via Setapp.

Why does Lacona ask for all these permissions?

In order to search your data and allow you to run commands, Lacona needs permission. Without these permissions, Lacona will still work, but certain features will be automatically disabled.

This data will never leave your computer. For more details, see the privacy policy.

What is File System Access?

Lacona needs permission in order to access your Files. This allows Lacona to preview your file contents, and allows you to navigate your files.

When you click the File System Access “Request” button, this will prompt you to select a Folder. By default, your User Folder (/Users/[your name]) will be selected. Clicking “Grant Access” will allow Lacona to access everything contained within that folder.

For most users, granting access to the User Folder is sufficient. However, if you want to navigate from the root of the drive, you can instead grant access to the root folder (/).

None of your files will never leave your computer. For more details, see the privacy policy.

I hid the menu bar icon, how can I open the preferences?

You can open the Lacona preferences by activating Lacona and pressing ⌘, (that is, hold the command key and press comma). You could also type “open Lacona Preferences” into Lacona itself.

If you forgot the keyboard shortcut to activate Lacona, you can activate it by double-clicking the app itself in Finder, or running open -a Lacona in Terminal.

What are the future plans?

Lacona is not currently in active development. Hopefully that will change over time. If it does, here is an unordered Roadmap, which is liable to change. Some features may come by means of Addons due to Mac App Store limitations.




Accessibility & UX

Known Issues

Can you integrate with <App/Service>?

If it exposes a good API, maybe! Contact Brandon at suggestions@lacona.app and we’ll hash it out.

When will you support <Language>?

Because of Lacona’s advanced natural language processing, translation is more difficult than most apps. I do want to eventually support non-English languages, but my first priority is making Lacona a premier English experience.

I was using a Lacona 1 feature that Lacona 2 doesn’t have yet

While Lacona 2 has many improvements over Lacona 1, there are a few features that didn’t make the jump. If this is breaking your workflow, you can download Lacona 1 here. Note that Lacona 1 is no longer being developed or supported, and it may break at any time!