Lacona does not track you. All personal data is used locally on your device, and no personal data is ever transmitted.

Some Lacona commands can display web content in the Preview Pane. Displaying this content requires Lacona to request the relevant URLs from the internet, but these requests do not contain cookies or other tracking identifiers. These features are opt-in.

Lacona can interact with other apps on your Mac. In all cases, Lacona only sends the minimum data required to fulfill your search or command. This functionality can be disabled in the Lacona Preferences.

If using Lacona via the Mac App Store, and you have opted-in to share information with developers on Appleā€™s platforms, Apple provides limited anonymized analytics information.

If using Lacona via Setapp, Setapp collects anonymized analytics data. See the Setapp privacy policy for more details.

This privacy policy may be altered and amended within reason from time to time to reflect the evolving nature of the software. By using Lacona, you agree to this privacy policy.

This website ( tracks basic analytics using Google Analytics.